New In 2020

Radiators that won’t go unnoticed.

Among the objects that surround us, some survive eras and also travel places. We never tire of their shape, their colours do not fade as the years go by. They do not need subtitles, because they stand out immediately. They are specific, and easily recognised accordingly. They live in our homes, and that is where they find their natural dimension. Besides, an object is universal when it does not stop at its first design, but rather mutates, reinforcing its message. Tubes has led the evolution of three of its most successful products, presenting them in an innovative electric version that meets the needs of contemporary life. The three radiators are thus so flexible that they can adapt to any domestic space, irrespective of personal tastes or styling. We selected them to play the absolute starring role in a prospective initiative. To emphasise their pliability, we decided to launch them all in three completely different styles, proving their versatile soul once again.



A source of heat with an unmistakable personality which was born to remain in the limelight at all times. Its iconic, sinuously plastic shape is so versatile that it can blend in with its surroundings with nonchalance. This is Milano, a memorable model, which today has been turned upside down to become horizontal, for wall-mounted or floor-standing installation.

design by Antonia Astori e Nicola De Ponti

The intriguing new look of this radiator body makes it possible to explore new positionings which were unthinkable up until now. In front of a floor-to-ceiling window, or under a window, Milano settles naturally near an opening towards the outside. From a technical perspective, Milano horizontal is electric and features touch controls to switch it on and off and adjust the temperature. Moreover, weekly programming can be planned by connecting it to a wireless thermostat.

Available in two lengths, Milano is ideal for customising the most neglected corners of a setting, as it appears to float just a few centimetres above the floor.

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This is the radiator which redesigned a consolidated traditional shape, making it trendy and attractive. A radiator with a minimalist style, Soho brings the idea of the radiating structure down to its original more authentic essence, incorporating it into contemporary settings with striking simplicity, among other settings. Its understated composition allows it to pace the space rhythmically, appearing almost musical to those whose ears are attuned.

design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Soho has evolved and, although its appearance remains unchanged, its substance has changed. This new offering adapts Soho to the modern-day living requirements, envisaging its all-electric operation.

The radiator also becomes smart in terms of technology. It is available with touch controls to switch it on and off and adjust the temperature or, as an alternative, with the Bluetooth system enabling control via a device, without needing to be touched. Only apparently identical to its previous versions, the major change in Soho therefore concerns its most important aspect: its use.

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Rift was devised from the outset to offer a superior degree of modularity and multi-purpose adaptability. Today, yet another form - to date unexpressed - has been uncovered: Rift has been turned upside down, expanding its presence in any setting, allowing us to obtain a genuine heating shelf.

design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini

Rift/reverse therefore finds its logical home in bathroom settings. It becomes a surface onto which you can store folded towels conveniently, keeping things tidy while at the same time generating heat. Its accessories were designed to make it even more practical. The slim towel rail efficiently adapts to compact spaces, while the wooden tray creates an interesting contrast of shape and materials with its curved silhouette, becoming the insulating resting surface on which you can store items you do not wish to heat.

Rift/reverse proves to be a comfortable choice both in a private bathroom as well as in a boutique hotel, a welcoming place where it demonstrates the full potential of this further creative flair.

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NEW IN 2020

Three very different styles set the extraordinary scene for our creations to play the starring role.